Towing means to pull something. In this process, we have to tie two objects together to remove something easily. We use towing for many things like animals, vehicles, large machinery, tree trunks, and many more. Mostly large tractors attached with vehicles used a cord, rope, bar, or chain to pull them. Generally, towing is helpful for vehicles. Specifically when cars and trucks are damaged at the roadside. For the safety & security of other automobiles and drivers, a tow company must follow some industry standards.


Most towing companies and service providers tow light or heavy vehicles and other kinds of machinery for short or long distances. You also get incidental ancillary services from the companies. It includes emergency roadside repairing services, temporary storage, or pound. A towing service in Australia covers salvage towing, breakdown towing, law enforcement towing, machinery. It also includes equipment towing, car park, or limited access towing. It also covers various activities like motor vehicle towing, equipment and machinery towing, emergency roadside assistance, salvage assistance.


Australian Towing Service Rules:

Any towing company providing emergency assistance or towing services providers must follow some industry standards for safety and legal agreements. The companies must have a license to tow any vehicle and follow the safety standards. Therefore, as an owner of an automobile vehicle being towed and towing service provider, you must know the following rules of towing services.

  • One can not tow more than one vehicle at a time to ensure safety.
  • There has to be no person inside the car or truck you have been
  • The towing service provider has to cover and secure the load to ensure there will be no overhanging.


Towing Restrictions:

There are some restrictions for provisional P1 drivers and learners to tow.

  • Provisional motorcycle riders, learners, and learner drivers can not tow vehicles in any conditions.
  • If P1 car drivers have gone license, they can tow small trailers with up to 250KG of unloading weight.
  • You must follow the standards and rules for towing vehicles, tools, parts, towbars, and safety chains.


Take Care Of The Following Before Each Trip:

  • Trailer and vehicle are worthy to the road.
  • All tires of automobiles and trailers have been inflated.
  • The wheels, bearings, suspensions, and brakes are working well.
  • All safety chains are correctly connected, and lights work best.
  • Oil, brake fluid, battery, water, and other necessary things are handy and easy to use.

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Take Care Of The Following During Towing Vehicles:

  • You must check the following at regular intervals to avoid interference and disturbance while towing.
  • All doors, hatches, couplings, equipment, load, and covers are secured and working well.
  • Tires have no damages, and they can work throughout the trip.
  • The suspension and brake systems are trustworthy and can avoid accidents quickly.
  • While traveling to another state, you must ensure that you have got permission from the road authorities. And don’t forget to follow their rules of traffics and transportation rules. If you don’t follow these rules of the transportation department, you might be in a problem.




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