Bus Towing

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Bus Towing

​Recovery and emergency breakdowns are trouble at the best of times. When a large vehicle such as a bus or truck breaks down, that can be a huge hassle.

Fortunately, our truck towing service can help make this hassle much easier and smoother.Our company provides towing and transport services for large and cumbersome machinery and vehicles.

We can tow boats, trucks, buses, heavy machinery, and forklifts from point to point. We can do this anywhere in Perth and surrounds.

To accomplish this goal, we use a modern towing and transport fleet. Our vehicles are robust and well-maintained, making sure they have the ability to tow your bus – no matter the size – to any location.

No task is too big, too remote, or too difficult. Our bus towing service prides itself on its reliability and efficiency, getting that large vehicle off the road and ready for repairs in as little time as possible.

We understand that time is of the essence, and we won’t waste even a second of it if we can help it.

We have been providing for heavy-duty and bus towing to Western Australian customers for decades now. We have a firm grasp of how local businesses, schools, and other institutions rely on their heavy machinery.

Because of this understanding, we work with you to make sure the repair process is as painless as possible.

We provide speed in pick up and tow, along with reliable repairs. Our efforts aim to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our coverage includes all types of buses. You might have a small mini or pack a fleet of large double-deckers or double volume buses.

We will be at your service, no matter the vehicle or the location. For large, heavy-duty tasks, we also have tilt tray and tow trucks.
Our drivers all have professional licenses and have been trained in the ins and outs of large vehicle towing.