Impound/Storage FAQ

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Impound/Storage FAQ

We have all the necessary police clearances to conduct towing and impound work

Our tow truck service and impound lot operate from a secure storage facility. You can collect your vehicle from there after the impound period is done. If you have any questions about our tow truck service or our impound procedures, please read the FAQ below.

You may also contact us via e-mail or phone for further queries. Our office hours are from 8:30 to 16:00, Mondays to Fridays. Advanced scheduling is required if you intend to visit our facilities on a Saturday.

How do I collect my vehicle?

If your vehicle has been impounded, claiming it requires various documents. These need to be presented at our facility once the impound period is complete.

The registered owner must attend any police station, complete with ID and proof of ownership. You will need these to complete a 79D Release Form, as required by the Road Traffic Act 1974 Section.

The form must be completed and authorised by personnel from the West Australian Police Service. Once this is done, you may present it to our office with supporting documents to prove that you are the person on the paperwork. Without proof of identity, we are legally bound not to release the vehicle.

Any costs associated with the impound must be paid in full before release. The exception is if you have an approved payment plan with the vehicle impound unit.

When can I collect my car?

You can get your car back from out storage facility at the end of the impound period. In most cases, this will be a period of 28 days. However, a second-time offender may have their vehicle in our facility for up to three months.

We require 48-hour notice of the intention to collect the car. We will use this time to ensure the vehicle is ready to be collected upon your arrival. This period is also used to assess costs, payment options, and confirmation of which storage facility has your car.

How do I pay?

Vehicles are released only if your account has been paid in full. We accept all major credit cards, Bpay, and cash. No cheques are accepted, under any circumstances.

Our tow truck service issues receipts upon payment.

I’m busy. Can someone else go in my place?

Yes, you can nominate someone else to pick up the vehicle. You simply need to fill out the relevant section on the release form to allow for this. Your representative must present both valid identification and the 79d Release Form.

All costs must still be paid before the vehicle can leave the lot.

What happens if I’m late?

Late collections incur additional fees. There is also the risk that our tow truck service may move the vehicle to another yard seven days after the due collection date. This may also incur additional costs on your part that are payable upon collection.