Specialized Towing

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Specialized Towing

Catering to all types of towing regardless of your requirements, we are Perth’s tow truck team for the job.

Bus Towing
Got bus troubles? We tow buses of all sizes, from small people movers to large ones. Our tow truck beds are large enough to fit a busty bus and take it to where it needs to go.

So next time your bus is stuck, or unfortunately become immobile call Perth Towing Service.

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Equipment Towing.
Even if you have equipment that you wish to have transported and are unable to do yourself, simply contact and organise it with us.

The lawn mower needing to be moved? The digger being returned or going in for repairs? Or need help shifting trailers, machinery or other equipment pieces. We have the trucks to do it all.

Boat Towing.
Your boat need a float on the back of a tow trucks moat? We do boat towing, yes I know you are stoked! Another one of our great services is boat towing.

Whether transporting your boat for repairs or to get her closer to the water, our team of tow truck professionals have the skills and equipment to make it happen. Contact us.

Motorcycle towing.
You guessed it, Perth Towing Service also tows all motorbike and motorcycles. Whether a small scooter, a sports bike, a large Harley or a vintage machine.

We treat each and every vehicle as if they were our own making sure that no damage occurs to your lovely motorcycle.

So whenever you need a tow for any of your vehicles, equipment and pieces of play and pleasure, contact the diverse range experts at Perth Towing Service to look after you.

Truck Towing.
That’s right, our trucks can tow trucks, a funny sight to see however very real indeed. When your truck is bugged, know that ours are strong enough to pull two.

We are unable to take heavy haul trucks, but are more than capable of towing your everyday standard size truck. So when you need a truck for your truck contact us.

Grab your specialized tow now. Send us an enquiry or call on
08 6166 6156.