Truck Recovery

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Truck Recovery

​Heavy trucks are a staple of some industries. Their size and carrying capacity are essential for various tasks. However, like all machines, they can break down. Sometimes this happens when you are least prepared for it.

If a heavy truck breaks down on the road, it can be a challenge. Size is a major consideration since these take up a lot of space. With that space comes great weight. Heavy trucks all earn their name and can be near-impossible to move. The amount of power needed to run them and their loads are staggering.

Regular tow trucks simply don’t have the power for the job.

Fortunately for you, there are other options. For heavy vehicles like trucks and the like, we offer our heavy truck recovery service. We maintain a core group of vehicles capable of towing anything, from the smallest trucks to large road train combinations.

We have extensive experience in this task. We make sure our drivers are skilled in oversized object manoeuvring and have all the relevant licenses and certifications. Our operators have DG licenses and undergo regular refresher courses, to make sure their skills are updated.

Our fleet can go anywhere in Western Australia, with staging areas in the central locations throughout the area. Our newest base is in Port Headland, but we have many others. This setup gives us incredible flexibility and the power to go where we are needed.

Our heavy truck recovery teams provide tow truck service for some of the biggest insurance companies in the country. We service Allianz, CGU, Elders, Global, SGIO, Vero, and Zurich. We are also an accredited Lumley & NTI contractor.

If you have a large truck or other heavy vehicles in need of towing, call us. Our service is the best quality and professionalism. You won’t have any hassles or worries with us on the job.