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​We understand it when you feel you need to deal with a person, not a business. Having to talk to someone rather than some ominous organisation makes you feel more at home, relaxed. Our united towing service wants to help you feel you know us.

One of the ways we do this is through this FAQ. We hope that you get to know us better, so we can build a relationship that lasts beyond just a towing service.

Where are you located?

Our towing service has its headquarters in Myaree. However, we also operate facilities, lots, and offices in various locations for maximum reach and convenience.

Do you have a list of areas you cover or provide RAC towing for?

Yes, we do! You can check out our Locations page for a list. However, if it’s too long or you’re not sure if your area is covered, we welcome any queries by phone or e-mail. Our customer service team will be happy to answer and confirm whether or not you are in our coverage area.

What type of towing services are available?

Our fleet can tow anything! We have handled accident-damaged cars, breakdowns, and even various heavy vehicles and machinery. If it’s on the road, we can tow it.

What are your clients? Who calls on your for towing services, roadside assistance, or transport?

We provide tow truck service, RACQ roadside assistance, and transport to the general public. We also count motor vehicle companies and dealerships among our customers.

Our company also provides services for fleet management firms, insurance companies, financial agencies, mechanics, and repair centres. We are also under contract to provide a variety of functions for various organisations.

What type of tow truck near me is used?

The vehicle we use will vary based on your needs. However, rest assured that we use the latest models and the most tested technologies, making sure our tow truck fleet is safe and efficient. We will select whichever vehicle is most appropriate, given your situation.

Is my car or machine protected by insurance while being towed by your company?

Any vehicles that fall within our towing service or transport has full insurance coverage while under our care. Your machinery is safe with us.

Can I sit in the truck as my vehicle is being towed?

Yes. Our fleet of vehicles allows up to two passengers to sit in the cabin of the truck.

Does my insurance cover the towing charges if I become involved in an accident?

That would depend entirely on how comprehensive your insurance policy is. Full motor insurance can cover it, so there are no out of pocket charges, as our towing service will charge your insurance company directly.

How do I pay you for services provided?

We only accept payment by cash or credit card. However, if you are an approved account holder, other payment options become available.

Do you have a surcharge if I use a credit card?
No, we do not have any surcharge fees for our cheap towing service.