Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous substances are an unpleasant fact. There are poisons, toxic chemicals, corrosive substances, and other materials that are harmful but useful in certain contexts. Transporting them from point to point over land can be hazardous, but it is necessary for their proper containment or disposal.

The issue is that, like anything else on the road, it is at risk of being in an accident. If such a convoy becomes part of an accident, it can be a huge cause for concern. Ordinary accident response teams and vehicles are not equipped for that kind of hazard.

The clean-up is essential. Some toxic chemicals can destroy the environment and damage local wildlife and plant life. There is also the risk of humans being exposed to them and being hurt.

These substances require dedicated containment and cleaning. Making sure that nothing is left behind and that exposure is minimal is essential. At the same time, the accident site has to be cleared of the vehicles and debris.

If you have dangerous goods in an accident, call us. Our Dangerous Goods Response team is ready to assist and check on the safety of all involved.

We are an accredited Dangerous Goods Emergency Responder. We have a sizable network of suppliers that cater to some solutions for handling dangerous goods. All of our operations meet with legal requirements and statutory regulations, as per the Road and Rail Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Our service is a complete solution for your cheap towing and dangerous goods roadside assist. Any hazardous substance that is transported over land in Western Australia is something we can handle, with an eye for efficiency and safety.

If you require a complete management and recovery solution, call us. There is no time to lose, and we guarantee that we will get the job done.