Tyre Repair & Replacement

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Tyre Repair & Replacement

​​Cars run on wheels. The wheel is pretty much the simplest part of your vehicle, but it’s also integral to how the machine gets around.

However, despite their simplicity, there are so many ways it can go wrong. The road can cause a lot of damage because of its unpredictability, after all.
We provide roadside assistance for any breakdown issues in Perth, including tyre problems.

Modern tyres are so reliable that few people consider they can break. Most drivers today don’t have any idea how to change one if it becomes flat when this used to be a crucial skill getting behind the wheel. Fortunately, our roadside assist service can help you.

Our professionals pride themselves on quick service and professional demeanour. Anytime you have a busted tyre, call us, and we can fix it.

We can deliver and fit new tyres. We carry all the best brands and can find one that fits your vehicle’s make and model. Just give us any information we ask for, and we can select and install the right one so you can get back on the road.

If your tyre is flat, we can fix that too. Flats are the most likely reason you need a replacement. Sometimes you get a flat because of a small puncture that lets the air out over time. In others, the pop is a lot more dramatic.

We can also fix punctures. In some cases, the air hasn’t been let out completely, and the damage is small. In these cases, it is more economical to patch up the hole, rather than replace the wheel. It also saves you a bit more money.

Finally, we can do roadside wheel balancing and alignment. If the wheels aren’t aligned properly, it can cause damage to the underside of the car. It can also make the ride uncomfortable.

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