How, exactly, do towing companies work? A tow truck service is a crucial emergency service for cars, acknowledging that sometimes they break down in unfortunate and inconvenient locations. However, there’s a bit of a catch.

In general, people who take good care of their vehicles don’t really call towing Perth services. So most folks aren’t entirely sure how the process goes and what a tow truck fleet handles. At best, they know the most basic service provided.

A tow truck can be called on to move a disabled vehicle from point A to point B. This is done at the request of either the owner of the vehicle or the owner of where the vehicle is located.

In other words, there’s a great deal of flexibility when it comes to clients. You can call on a tow truck to get your car off the road after a breakdown. If another car is occupying your residential parking space, you can call on them to get the obstructing vehicle out.

In fact, landlords and owners of various properties like apartment complexes and corporate parks may rely on towing services. These people will usually have a parking lot adjacent to their complex that is not open to outsiders. Having a towing company ready to remove them is important.

Depending on the size of the fleet and what capabilities its trucks have, a towing company might restrict itself to residential or private clients, or expand to cover larger vehicles and corporate cars.

Where do these cars go? It depends. If they were towed because they parked where they’re not supposed to, they go into the impound lot. These are parking lots that are heavily fortified, to make sure no one can get any impounded vehicles out without authorization.

Impounded vehicles are retrieved at the indicated lots. Those who get their cars impounded will be given the relevant information on where to get them.

On the other hand, if a car is towed because it took damage that renders it unfit for driving, it goes elsewhere. Towing companies might have tie-ups with an auto shop who can conduct the repairs, and that’s where the car will go.

Cars may also be towed to a mechanic’s shop, depending on the circumstances. In these instances, the most common factor would be damage.

What a towing company does not do is repair vehicles. They take these cars away from a location, but these companies should not be confused for mobile mechanics.

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