When vehicles break down, it’s a nuisance. Whether you expected it because there have been signs or if it’s something sudden that you didn’t see coming, it’s a hassle. When it happens, you need to call for assistance, such as a tow truck Perth.

This seems cut and dry. Call for the tow truck and wait until it can arrive to help. However, you might find that the company people ask you a few questions first. These questions are often logical, like where you are, who you are, and what you’re driving.

That last one is important because what tow truck Perth is sent may change based on your vehicle.

One choice – the most common one – are flatbed tow trucks.

These are trucks with an empty bed and a flat top. The use of hydraulics allows the flatbed to be moved up and down, making them easy to use. You can move the vehicle up the ramp or have it pulled up by a mechanism. They’re usually going to be involved in roadside accidents or problems.

Another possibility is what is known as the integrated tow truck.

These are pulled out for heavy-duty purposes. There are axles in place to add stability, while the arm is designed for heavy equipment. We’re talking about big rigs or buses, rather than ordinary vehicles.

The classic image of the tow truck is the hook and chain, which is used for cargo these days.

Hook and chain trucks drag vehicles behind them to be towed. While effective, it can cause damage to the drivetrain on some models. They’re also not a good choice unless you intend to wreck the machine at the local junkyard.

Or you could pull it out when you’re not really concerned about further damage. For instance, if the car is basically scrapped metal.

There’s also what’s known as the wheel-lift design.

These have a similar simple mechanic as the hook and chain. However, rather than the above, they use a metal yoke. It’s believed that by hooking this under the rear wheels, you reduce the risk of damage. A hydraulic lift provides the power needed to suspend the rear or front side to lift it up for towing.

As you can see, each of these options might be deployed based on your situation. If you’ve been in a wreck and damage isn’t really going to get any worse, the hook and chain might be sent. Otherwise, it might just be a flatbed or other model coming to you.

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