People often call for a tow truck service when they are on the most amazing road trips. Here you are driving along some road, usually far away from a city, and the car breaks down. This perfect trip suddenly becomes a nightmare. Suddenly you end up stranded on the side of the road with no other option but to call a towing service to help out. Worse yet, this is not the end of your problems. There are all sorts of other problems associated with a breakdown. It can mean all sorts of extra expenses like extra nights at a hotel, additional meal expenses, expensive car repair and even extra transportation costs and more.

There is great news though. Most car repair expenses can be avoided with a little planning and a reliable car checkup. Tow truck Perth experts want to offer simple advice to people who are about to hit the road. By following a few simple tips you can avoid having a car break down. The key to having a fantastic trip is to be prepared.

When you are going on a long trip, you need to ensure your car is ready for that long drive; otherwise, you might have that unexpected breakdown. This road trip car maintenance checklist can help you ensure your car is in excellent shape before you go on that trip.

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Check Your Lights

Towing Perth experts tell us that a large number of accidents are caused by failing vehicle lights. Owners often don’t even know they are missing a light. So be sure to check all the lights on the car before going on a trip. Ask for help from someone to check the lights. Just start the car and have your helper walk around the vehicle to check headlights and taillights. If there is a light that does not turn on, take the car into the shop to have the light fixed. You might also want to consider taking a spare headlight in case of burnouts.

Replace Old Windshield Wipers

When driving, you need to have visibility in all weather conditions, so your windshield wipers need to work well. Check to make sure the wipers can clean the windshields. If they leave streaks or scratches on your windshield, it is time to change them. When replacing the wipers, read the instructions carefully on the replacement wipers. You might also want to lay a towel on the windshield to protect the windshield. Wiper arms are spring-loaded so they can slam against the windshield. While you are doing this be sure to check the rear windshield wipers. Once you finish checking windshield wipers be sure to check the windshield washer fluid. Just pop the hood and look for the washer fluid. Replace with washer fluid you purchase in the automotive store.

Change the Oil and Filters

Towing Perth experts tell us that a large number of breakdowns occur because of engine failure. You gotta know that the engine always needs to have oil and it should be changed regularly. You need to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles, but when you are about to go on a trip it makes good sense to change the oil sooner. You have to remember you will be on the road for a lot of miles. Your car will be driving for a long time, so you want to make sure the oil is new and that all the fluids are at their proper levels. This will keep it from overheating.

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Check for Leaks

According to tow truck Perth associates, many people do not believe a leak can be a problem on a road trip. The truth is that even a small leak can become a real gusher when the engine is working for so many hours. Leaks can cause real problems and this type of repair can be very costly when on the road. A few days before you head out take a look under the hood and check under the car for leaks. If you find wet puddles under the car be sure to take the automobile to a repair shop to have the leaks fixed. The most common reasons for leaks are radiator fissures, engine oil pan, hoses, power steering hoses or pump, steering rack, radiator hoses.

Check the Belts

Broken belts are a common reason for needing to call a tow truck. Replacement belts are easy to find when you are home. But if the belt breaks while you are in a rural area, it may be hard to find a replacement.

Get an Air Conditioner Checkup

If you are making a trip in the summer be sure to get the AC checked before you leave. You need to do this once a year anyway. Take your car to the dealer or a car AC expert to make sure the system is not low on freon or have another issue.

Change The Air Filter

You should always change your air filters once a year or every 12,000 miles. The air filters protect the engine and help decrease the misuse of fuel. Air filters are so much more than that though. They decrease horsepower, acceleration and improve engine performance. Replacing the filters is an easy job. You really only need about 5 minutes, the replacement air filters and a screwdriver. Just disconnect the clamps from the air intake, remove the cover and replace the filter. Dirty air filters don’t allow air to flow and this causes inefficient horsepower and performance.

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Check The Tires

Take your owner’s manual out and see what tire pressure you need to be using. Ensure that every tire is at that pressure. While checking the pressure look for bulges or tears in the side of the tires. Run your hand over the tread to see if the tires are uneven or have worn tread. If this is the case, replace the tires.

Check The Brakes

Tow truck service experts tell us that a common oversight is the tires. People just do not think about the tire pressure in the tires. Overlooking this issue can result in flat tires, or worse, blown tires, that need immediate replacement. Be sure to take your car into the shop to get the brakes checked. If it has been a while since you have changed the pads, it is time to do it now, before you go on that great road trip.

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