Technology is moving at a quick pace these days. There’s always something new and interesting waiting on the horizon, and it’s not unusual to see developments coming to vehicles too. One of the more interesting ones for a tow truck Perth is the idea of a smart wheel.

So, what’s a smart wheel anyway?

The Smart Wheel

The smart wheel is currently a prototype idea that uses the latest technologies to help drivers out. In particular, the goal is to help curtail the onset of fatigue, which can be problematic for tow truck Perth drivers who work long hours without breaks.

The basic idea is not to change the steering wheel, but just bring it in line with modern conveniences. For instance, most steering wheels have sensors in the standard 10-2 positions. A smart wheel prototype proposed has them all over the wheel.

What would such sensors do? Well, they’d gather driver data for starters. Things like heartbeat and ECG can be detected, no matter the position. This can alert tech in the car if there are any issues.

With the wheel picking up data, computer systems can evaluate the overall condition of the driver. This could lead to all sorts of potential conveniences or features.

A driver falling asleep at the wheel might have a looser grip, which the sensors would pick up. This could trigger a warning sound that gets the driver to wake up and focus. This is just an example of what might be possible with this technology if it comes to market.

No, we’re not talking smart wheels that drive the car themselves. While smart cars are on the menu of the future, they’re a long way away. For now, a wheel that can help the driver keep track of things is what they’re going to do.

The above is just one idea, though. There’s plenty of other options, with a number of teams and experts going over their own ideas. If these ideas all become successful, smart wheels could have a huge impact on the towing business.

Of course, these things are still some time away.

As with any new tech, there’s testing that needs to be done, and they’re not going to be rolled out right away. New models of car that have these wheels will probably be expensive to start with, only getting more affordable with time.

Still, it’s something that can be very useful and is something to look forward to in the future.

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