If it exists, there’s a misconception about it.

This adage is true of pretty much everything. Computers, microwave ovens, women, cars, and even towing services Perth. These things and more are all subject to their own peculiar misconceptions, myths, and misunderstandings.

So today, we’ll be taking a bit of time to clear some of those up. Now, we can’t help with myths about computers, women, cars, or ovens, but we can clear up things related to towing. Let’s take a look at what people believe about towing and the companies that provide the service, and the reality of it.

One common myth is that all towing companies operate at all hours.

This can actually be surprising because a vast number of towing services are available at the most ungodly hours. Most professionals, however, don’t always work through the night. Not all towing companies have a night shift crew. Even the ones that do may not provide all their services.

The average towing company will close up shop later than most retailers or businesses, yes. However, the smaller ones largely don’t stay up all night. The bigger ones sometimes don’t provide all their services at night – for instance, you might not get heavy machinery towing past a certain hour.

Another common myth is the idea that all towing companies offer flatbeds. This is simply untrue. Most companies don’t actually offer that.

Flatbed towing is the use of a tow truck with a bed, where the vehicle rests at it is towed. This allows the car to be towed without the wheels being on the ground. It’s overall considered a more secure way of doing this. However, most towing companies rely on typical tow trucks.

Not every company has a flatbed truck as part of their service. As time goes on, more companies are investing in these trucks, though. Be sure to ask what kind they offer when towing.

Finally, there’s the common notion that if you’re being towed, you should stay well below the speed limit. Otherwise, you risk doing damage to the vehicle.

This is not the case. Tow truck rock hill are designed to heft loads without undue stress. Heavy duty towing equipment is even more powerful. They can transport even trucks without much problem due to the sheer power of their output.

What this means is that they are more than capable of towing vehicles at higher speeds. They won’t go over the legal speed limit, of course, but they can drive at that speed without mechanical issue.

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