Driving is a big part of daily life. You might be picking up the kids from school, driving to work and trying to get out of traffic so you’re not late, or taking the family out for a drive. That four-wheeled machine is how you get from Point A to Point B.

Of course, it becomes a bit of a snag if it breaks down. For the most part, the machinery that is the car works fine if well-maintained. However, like all machines, sometimes things just happen.

When your car breaks down, you naturally call for help. You call for a tow truck Perth to get you out of there and somewhere that can fix the issue. Or at least identify what went wrong. You’ll want to stay safe while you’re waiting for us to arrive, of course.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe and avoid any further problems while you wait for a tow.

First, check whether or not the car can be moved. Sometimes, this won’t be an option. If you can move, pull over and make sure you’re not a hazard to other drivers. Get yourself out of harm’s way – yours and everyone else’s.

Switch on hazard lights, so people know to drive around you.

Stay inside the car, by the way. You might be tempted to move around, but don’t.

The safest option for you, unless you had your breakdown happen in a parking lot of somewhere private, is to stay in the car. Sit in the vehicle and fasten your seatbelts. You don’t want to be standing outside as traffic pass by.

By being outside, you are endangering other drivers. They have to work to avoid you, which could cause more accidents. At the same time, you’re also putting yourself in danger because people are likely to drive into you if they can’t react fast enough.

You don’t want to be the one that stands on the road waving other cars away.

Clearly, if your car broke down, you need to call a tow truck fast. Now, you might be wondering: why not call a mechanic instead?

Well, you could call a mobile mechanic if you want. These people will come over to your location and diagnose the issue. However, sometimes the problem is something they can’t fix. There’s also the fact that you might not want to sit around to wait for them to fix it when you’re in the middle of the road.

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